Employment Law

It can be difficult for companies to stay up-to-date with changes in employment law as well as developments in legal practice. Companies often need advice in connection with terminations of employment, the drafting of contracts, the amendment of terms of employment, staff policies, negotiations etc.

The customary prerogatives of management are challenged when executive decisions need implementing in relation to staff. Consequently, employment law is often central to business operations.

In addition to the applicable legal guidelines, in the handling of staff-related challenges account must also be taken both of human aspects and of business-related factors and internal policies.

Our specialists have extensive experience in labour law and employment law, and they are happy to act as sounding boards and partners in connection with redundancies or dismissals, the amendment of terms of employment, negotiations etc. in difficult circumstances.

We offer legal advice to small and larger companies, and we work closely with management and HR officers to find flexible solutions and to ensure proper implementation of such solutions in accordance with the applicable rules.


Rasmus Gørup Christiansen

Partner, Attorney-at-Law (H)

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Mads Balle Christensen

Attorney-at-Law, CIPP/E

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