Anti-discrimination is an area which is constantly changing. The rules cover issues such as gender equality, equal pay for equal work and equal treatment of men and women. In addition, there is increasing focus on the rules on direct and indirect discrimination.

In Denmark, we are used to gender equality. As an employer, it is important to always be especially careful not to discriminate in connection with pregnancy, maternity/paternity leave, terms of pay, promotions etc.

There is a risk of discrimination in many situations, not only based on gender. For example when some employees are treated less favourably than others, whether based on race, skin colour, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age, disability or national, social or ethnic origin. 

For employers, it is extremely important to know the rules on anti-discrimination as failure to comply with these rules may result in having to pay financial compensation to the discriminated employee. It is particularly important to carefully observe these rules when terminating employment.

We have extensive experience in providing advice in such situations and have the necessary insight into the rules and legal practice in this area.