Incentive Schemes

Incentive pay is used increasingly as part of the remuneration paid to employees.

For the incentive pay to be effective and motivating, the employer must have a clear idea of which management tools to use when setting up an incentive scheme.

Incentive schemes may include remuneration in the form of bonuses, commission, shares, options, phantom shares, profit sharing, exit bonuses etc.

Incentive schemes present legal challenges that must be addressed both when setting up the schemes and during their term. We take active steps to understand the business reasons behind our clients' wishes. On this basis, we suggest the model that is best suited in the circumstances.

In addition to advice on employment law, incentive schemes also entail a need for advice on tax law and company law. With our high level of specialisation and focus on interdisciplinary advice, we ensure that the right expertise is available.

Established incentive schemes may give rise to discussions about the rights of employees in connection with the termination of their employment, and we have extensive experience in providing advice in this area.