Generational Change

Generational changes in companies are often intricate processes. Many decisions have to be made, weighing up and prioritising a multitude of factors.

When transferring a company to a new owner, both the interests of the company and the owner's own wishes for the future play a crucial role. Other key considerations concern the financing of the generational change and any tax implications.

We have extensive experience in advising on generational change. We advise company owners from when they first begin to think about a generational change right through to completion. With our specialist knowledge of business lawtax law and family law, we can steer you safely through all the legal aspects and the whole process from start to finish.

We give courses in generational change to other advisers and act as specialist lawyers in connection with generational change cases. We are sometimes also asked to assist in cases in which a generational change has unfortunately gone wrong because tax rules were overlooked or misinterpreted. In such cases, our mission is to repair or mitigate the negative consequences.


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