Ownership and Transfer Agreements

Depending on how a generational change is organised, various agreements are needed to manage the legal position of the parties. It is necessary for the parties to clearly define their mutual rights and obligations as well as other terms and conditions.

At TVC Law Firm, we have extensive experience in drafting all the various agreements involved in the implementation of a generational change. The central agreements are usually the actual transfer agreement and possibly an ownership agreement covering the period of joint ownership. Employment contracts, generational change agreements, instruments of debt, deeds of gift, company law documents etc. are other documents which are often relevant in connection with a generational change.

To ensure smooth processing of the generational change by the tax authorities, an unambiguous legal framework must be established, for example regarding valuations, the timing of transfers etc.

By virtue of our in-depth experience in this area, we can help ensure that all relevant contract documents are prepared based on the specific needs of our client.


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