Commercial & Finance

Agreements and contracts with customers, suppliers and other business partners are a central part of a company's day-to-day operations. Comprehensive written contracts are gaining increasing popularity among Danish companies, and it can be difficult to retain an overview of the situation.

Contracts are seen by some as a necessary evil and by others as a useful tool. Over and above having to negotiate and enter into contracts, companies need to respond – often at short notice – to the risks that regularly arise in their relations with partners. 

In some cases, a standard solution is chosen at the time of contract formation. This is far from always the best solution. Ideally, a contract should always reflect the company's objectives, business processes and risk profile.

Contracts establish rights and obligations and make it possible to assess and mitigate risks. A contract thus makes it possible for a company to take calculated, commercial risks.

A good contract is also a useful management tool from a legal and financial perspective and for information, planning and strategic purposes, provided that it is firmly rooted in the organisation. Finally, the carefully considered formation of contracts is also a chance for the parties to align their expectations.

At TVC Law Firm we have built a high level of insight into many sectors and the special conditions applicable in these sectors. Consequently, we know where the challenges often arise and how to handle them. Through our experience and our structured approach, we ensure that you receive advice that is precisely tailored to your company's needs and risk profile.

We attach extremely high priority to immediate availability, as we know that our clients are often best served by day-to-day advice, addressing specific circumstances immediately and preferably informally. 

Our advisory services cover commercial contracts of all kinds, for example:

  • Terms of sale and delivery
  • Supply contracts
  • Development agreements
  • Framework agreements
  • Transport agreements
  • International contracts
  • Production agreements

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