Generational Change Models

There are a number of generational change models to consider in the planning of a generational change. The frameworks for these models are quite dynamic, especially from the point of view of tax law.

Practice is constantly developing, and the applicable conditions change all the time. And the consequences may, of course, be huge if it is not ensured that all applicable conditions are fulfilled in every detail.

At TVC Law Firm, we know the advantages and disadvantages associated with the various generational change models. As a result, we can help plan generational changes based on the solutions that are best suited to the needs of our clients.

Based on our high level of specialisation in this area, our knowledge about the various models is always totally up to date.

A/B models may, for example, be of particular relevance to generational changes in limited liability companies from the point of view of both tax law and company law.  In other situations, the cash pile rule may have a bearing on whether a transfer can be effected without considerable tax payments becoming due.


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