Many companies have a great need to protect their designs and to be able to quickly put a stop to any infringements.

The company's brand value is of great importance. Violation including copying your designs may have a damaging effect on your brand. There is often a great need to protect the company's design and to quickly prevent any violations. Design protection is the way forward in protecting your business

We advise on the protection of designs. With our extensive experience and knowledge of designs rights, we aim to offer the best possible commercial and strategic advice.

Our services include preliminary investigations, advice in connection with the preparation and submission of Danish, EU or international applications for registration, transfer agreements, license agreements, coexistence agreements and the handling of administrative opposition and appeal procedures.

In addition, we conduct infringement cases and cases relating to the preservation of evidence and the granting of injunctions.


Mads Balle Christensen

Attorney-at-Law, CIPP/E

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