Media such as films, music and images are being shared and exchanged on the internet to an ever greater extent. Much of the exchange takes place without the consent of the copyright holders, who consequently suffer serious financial consequences.

The need for protection of copyright has therefore never been greater than it is today. We have an in-depth understanding of the problems relating to corporate copyrights and the protection of works – in the form of literature or art, film or music – and of agreements concerning the exploitation or assignment of rights etc.

We offer our services to rights holders, performing artists and producers. Consequently, we assist both natural persons and/or companies, helping to protect you against the very considerable financial losses which may be sustained in the event of copyright infringements.

Our advice covers not only national protection. We also assist clients seeking international copyright protection of their works. 

In addition, we conduct infringement cases and cases relating to the preservation of evidence and the granting of injunctions.


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