Agents, Distributors and Franchise Agreements

The success of companies depends to a great extent on having the right sales strategy as regards both markets and sales channels, including the use of agents, distributors and franchise solutions.

It is crucial that sales strategies take account of the markets on which products are to be sold as well as sales channels. Getting an overview of the various possible types of agency, franchise and distributorship agreements can be a challenge – as can, not least, navigating all the applicable rules in this field.

We provide strategic advice on how to optimise and strengthen sales. It is important for companies to get their strategy right from the outset, especially as regards their sales channels.

There are many possibilities, and our mission is to identify the right solutions and ensure peace of mind, both financially and legally. We believe that careful preparation of the contract documents is key to ensuring that both the agent/distributor and the company are completely clear about the legal consequences of contracts.

We are also happy to assist companies that have already run into problems with a business partner. Prior to terminating a contract, it is important to decide on the right strategy as this may have a significant bearing on any subsequent financial settlement.

Our advice is aimed at companies selling their services via sales staff paid on a commission basis, commercial agents, online agents, franchisees, selective distributors or sole distributors.