Bankruptcy typically affects companies that are unable to pay their creditors as payables fall due. This gives rise to uncertainty for the owners of the company, its employees and other partners, and it is therefore important to quickly find a solution.

A declaration of bankruptcy often gives rise to a lot of uncertainty, and it is important to create an overview and make a realistic plan.

We help create an overview and act as liquidator. We have extensive experience in acting in this capacity. The estate is administered in close cooperation with TVC Law Firm's other specialists to ensure the most efficient and fastest possible administration of the estate.

We also help creditors file bankruptcy petitions against debtors, submit proof of claims in estates in bankruptcy and secure creditors' rights. Furthermore, we advise creditors and other parties in avoidance cases and actions for damages brought by estates in bankruptcy with a view to invalidating transactions made prior to the bankruptcy.

We also assist ailing companies and private individuals that have been threatened with a bankruptcy petition. Several conditions must be fulfilled for a company or an individual to be declared bankrupt, and it is important to seek advice as soon as possible in order to possibly prevent bankruptcy. We are available to provide this advice.