Wills and Marriage Contracts

The preparation of a will and possibly a marriage contract may be of crucial importance to the bereaved when the time comes.

Some people would rather die than talk about drawing up a will. For many, it is difficult to accept that one day they will no longer be here. However, an inheritance may be divided in a very different way from what the deceased would probably have wanted if he or she had made a will.

In other cases, surviving relatives may face very serious financial problems which could have been fully or partially avoided through the preparation of a will and perhaps a marriage contract. A will may also help prevent conflicts between beneficiaries.

We have many years of experience in advising on the drawing-up of wills and marriage contracts. Our services in connection with the preparation of wills and marriage contracts include:

  • Division of inheritance, taking into account the rules on forced heirship and inheritance according to the will of the deceased.
  • Separate property clauses for inheritance
  • Settlement options
  • Wills appointing testamentary guardians for children
  • Consideration of orders of succession
  • Arrangements designed to reduce inheritance tax
  • Division of household effects
  • Clauses on administration of an estate
  • Beneficiary clauses concerning disbursements under pension and life insurance policies

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