Group Structure and Company Structure

The structuring of groups must, among other things, ensure an appropriate capital structure and risk profile, as well as complying with a number of other legal and tax rules and regulations.

Companies are subject to unlimited liability to their creditors. If a company is engaged in a number of different activities, or if it has excess liquidity, the risk is sometimes unnecessarily high. The structure of a group has a decisive impact on the risk profile.

We have advised a large number of Danish and international groups on creating a structure which ensures that no unnecessary risks are taken, and that activities with different risk profiles are handled appropriately. We think the solution through and advise, for example, on the appointment of independent management teams for the various functions.

We have extensive experience in asking the right questions and creating, with our clients, solutions that meet their wishes.

In connection with generational changes we always help implement the right solutions from the point of view of company law. An owner may wish to transfer ownership to the next generation without also giving up a controlling influence. There may also be a desire for the next generation to have a share of future earnings, but not of the existing assets.