Business owners must make sure that they account for their input and output VAT correctly. VAT is becoming increasingly important for Danish and foreign companies and often represents a significant expense item.

It is important for you as a company owner to ensure that you pay the correct VAT on both your sales and your purchases of goods. You should therefore seek professional assistance when starting a company or new activities in an existing company. This also applies if you buy or sell large assets as part of your operations.

The location from or to which goods or services are delivered may determine your liability for VAT and your right to deduct VAT. In addition, certain activities are exempt from VAT, which means that no VAT must be charged on sales and also that no deductions can be made on the purchase of goods or services which are used for the VAT-exempt activity.

If you sell used goods (for example used cars) or your company does, you should be aware of the used VAT scheme.

TVC Law Firm advises on VAT liability on specific transactions and ongoing operations. In the event of doubt, we can help you prepare a request for a binding assessment notice from SKAT to obtain clarity on the VAT status of transactions with binding effect for the tax authorities.

If your company has received a demand from SKAT for the adjustment of VAT, we can provide a professional assessment of the validity of the demand and the chance of changing the decision, either through further dialogue with SKAT or by appealing against the decision.

We are constantly representing clients in VAT cases both at the National Tax Tribunal and before the courts, giving us great experience in this area.