Taxation of Part-time Farming Operations and Stud Farms

If you run a part-time farm from your own agricultural property alongside your salaried employment, your tax situation depends on whether you run a commercial business or it is merely a hobby for you.

Only if your farming activities qualify as a commercial business for tax purposes, can you deduct any losses from other personal income and, for example, apply the rules of the business tax scheme.

SKAT has for a number of years taken a particular interest in all types of part-time farming operations, from large stud farms breeding thoroughbred horses to small arable farms.

The assessment of whether a part-time farm is a commercial business or not depends on a wide range of factors, and even if a part-time farm has suffered a loss for a number of years, it may still qualify as a commercial business for tax purposes.

TVC Law Firm can provide an assessment of whether there is a basis for appealing against a decision by SKAT. We have many years of experience in handling appeals for part-time farmers.

During appeal proceedings, it will often be relevant to arrange an expert appraisal of the operations and financial position of the part-time farm. We also have extensive experience in handling expert appraisals of part-time farms.


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