Reassessment of Tax, VAT and Duties

Individuals, companies and SKAT are entitled to request that tax or VAT assessments be reassessed within certain time limits.

If you realise that your own or your company's tax and/or VAT assessment is not correct, it is possible to have it changed. For example, if you have forgotten to declare a deduction or to appeal against one of SKAT's corrections, you should ask SKAT for a reassessment.

This is done by submitting a tax reassessment request to SKAT, and we can help you prepare this.

If we help you prepare a request to SKAT, we also ensure compliance with the statutory time limits to be observed for a previous tax and/or VAT assessment to be reassessed. It is therefore important that you seek help when having to submit a request for reassessment.

SKAT can also try to have your tax and/or VAT assessment or that of your company reassessed. In such cases, SKAT will usually request that you submit material relating to the matters SKAT initially wants to investigate.

If you receive a request from SKAT to submit material, we can help you handle the case. If you choose to reply to SKAT yourself with the result that SKAT brings a tax case against you, it is important that you contact us for advice as soon as possible.

Cases brought by SKAT often lead to criminal investigations. The consequence of this may be a fine, or in a worst-case scenario, a custodial sentence. It comes as a surprise to many that non-payment of DKK 250,000 in tax or DKK 100,000 in VAT may result in a custodial sentence.

However, proper handling of the case from the outset can reduce the risk of both a fine and a custodial sentence. As the law firm in Denmark that conducts by far the highest number of tax cases for individuals as well as companies, we have the necessary expertise to ensure the very best handling of your case.