Customs Duties

If you or your company imports goods from non-EU countries, it is important to be aware of the applicable customs regulations. It is particularly important to ensure correct customs clearance of high-value goods or imports of several consignments over time.

For the vast majority of goods imported from non-EU countries, customs duties are calculated and paid when the goods are imported. The amount of customs duty is a percentage of the value of the goods. For imports of high-value products or large consignments, it is essential that the goods be rated (tariffed) correctly so that the right duty rate can be paid.

We have considerable experience in conducting cases concerning the tariffing of goods imported from non-EU countries. 

We help obtain binding information concerning the tariffing of specific goods so that you, the importer, can be sure that the tariff used is correct. This can help avoid a situation in which you are subsequently met with demands for the payment of additional customs duties. For companies with large imports from non-EU countries, such demands may run into very considerable sums of money. We recommend that you contact us if you have any doubts about the tariffing of your imports.

There are several customs procedures which can be applied to advantage by manufacturing companies that import and export goods, where parts or raw materials originate from countries outside the EU. The application of these procedures requires prior consent as well as compliance with a number of special procedures.

TVC Law Firm conducts many cases concerning fulfilment of the special conditions for applying the customs procedures for inward and outward processing. If you or your company is met with a demand based on non-compliance with procedural requirements, we recommend that you contact us for an assessment of whether the demand is justified, and how best to handle it.