Termination of Contracts

A change of club is not always successful and in sports two years in the wrong club is an untenable situation.

In the world of sport, the general rule is that a contract is interminable during its term. For professional athletes, finding yourself in an untenable contractual relationship can therefore be deeply distressing. 

With our in-depth knowledge of sports law and international legal practice, we know how disastrous wrong decisions can be for you as a professional athlete, both financially and from the point of view of your career. If the termination of a contract is not properly justified, the consequences may be exclusion from the sport and a claim for millions in compensation. 

We are highly familiar with the questions which arise in connection with untenable contractual relationships, and we can therefore advise you on when you are entitled to terminate your contract without risking financial sanctions or exclusion from the sport, and also on the possibility of mutual termination of the contract.

We can also help you if you represent the sports management of a club. The unjustified termination of a contract may lead to a transfer ban and a claim for millions in compensation. 

Our advisory services cover, for example:

  • Termination of contracts on the part of both players and clubs
  • Amicable settlements
  • International rules and legal practice
  • Calculation of compensation for wrongful termination