Match Fixing

It is impossible for most professional athletes to grasp the complicated rules and legal practice relating to match fixing and to bring the necessary legal expertise into play.

In recent years, experts have criticised tribunals considering match-fixing charges for their handling of cases, including their failure to protect the legal rights of those charged and the lack of quality of the evidence used to convict them.

At TVC Law Firm, we are ready to assist you. With our in-depth knowledge of the match-fixing rules and Danish and international legal practices in this field, we can advise you with the expertise and professionalism you rightly deserve.

We are highly familiar with the problems that may arise and know that the outcome of a match-fixing charge depends on the appropriate legal handling of the question of guilt and the complexity of evidential rules. We know the Danish and international legal practices in this field and are aware of the distinction between unethical behaviour and match fixing.

We establish whether a case should be dropped due to lack of evidence. If a charge is brought, we make sure that the case is handled with the necessary legal competence, and that you get fair and equal treatment. Increased awareness should not lead to conviction on thin evidence.

We offer to do an initial assessment of your case and to advise on, among other things:

  • National and international match-fixing rules
  • The rules on match fixing and unethical behaviour
  • National and international legal practices
  • Conduct of cases before national and international match-fixing tribunals