Investments for Athletes and Clubs

High-earning athletes and large clubs often choose to invest in various types of assets and businesses.

Athletes and clubs are often well advised to seek consulting before making large investments. It is therefore crucial to identify the risks and potential returns associated with a particular investment. We have assisted a number of professional athletes in connection with their investments.

TVC Law Firm has considerable experience in the negotiation and structuring of investments in real property, renewable energy and companies. We work with our client to identify all the relevant investment criteria and to ensure the best possible return. We also help when investments go wrong.

Our advisory services cover, for example: 

  • Review, negotiation and drafting of investment and transfer agreements
  • Due diligence, including coordination and planning with other consultants and any foreign consultants
  • Financing, including the review and drafting of loan agreements and security documents
  • Corporate matters, including the choice of the right form of incorporation and structure of the investment.
  • Taxation of investments
  • Insurance