Incorporation of Clubs and Associations

Following the increased professionalisation of sport, more and more sports clubs are being incorporated.

When sports clubs are run in corporate form, their operations and ownership are subject to the rules of company law. Knowledge of the limitations and possibilities of company law is, therefore, essential for owners, clubs and associations as they constitute the legal 'rules of the game'. A number of large clubs are also subject to the rules applicable to listed companies.

It is not unusual for clubs to face acute capital requirements if, for example, they are relegated to lower divisions, fail to qualify for European championships or fail to earn transfer revenue. Consequently, there are many reasons why they may need to raise capital, and capital injections can be structured in a number of different ways.

TVC Law Firm's highly experienced attorneys in the fields of company law and association law are ready to offer expert advice to club owners, clubs and associations.

Our advisory services cover, for example:

  • Capital increases
  • Loan financing
  • Listings of clubs
  • Public financing of sport
  • Corporate and association structures
  • Company formation and dissolution
  • Purchase and sale of sports clubs
  • Association law in sports clubs
  • Exclusion of association members