Doping Cases

A doping charge is a serious matter for an athlete. As a professional athlete, you have to cope with thepress, critical sponsors and very complex doping rules.

A doping charge can have fatal consequences for you as a professional athlete. Before the case has even begun.

With our in-depth knowledge of all the relevant rules and legal practice as well as extensive experience of criminal law, we know how much the outcome of any doping charges depends on the interpretation of the anti-doping rules as well as the legal assessment of the question of guilt, the strength of the evidence and possible sanctions.

At TVC Law Firm, we are highly familiar with the problems and issues involved, and we can therefore ensure the correct handling of doping charges from the start. Doping charges are sometimes dropped before the case is heard by the Danish Doping Tribunal, an international doping tribunal or the Danish courts. First-rate legal advice can contribute to a case being dropped. 

As your adviser, we ensure that your case is handled professionally and based on the necessary legal expertise. We ensure that your professional career is not compromised due to a lack of legal knowledge and violation of your legal rights.

Our services include an initial assessment of your case and advice on:

  • National and international doping rules
  • Liability, evidence and sanctions
  • Conduct of cases before national and international doping tribunals