Data Room

During a due diligence process, it is often relevant to set up a physical or virtual data room as a repository where the often very extensive data collected can be stored and reviewed by one or more potential buyers.

A company transfer often takes place under considerable pressure of time.  This makes it essential for the various parts of the process to be executed swiftly, but also thoroughly and professionally. We offer our assistance in connection with the setting-up, running and closure of data rooms as well as the professional and easily accessible presentation of data.

We assist with the setting-up, running and closure of both physical and virtual data rooms. TVC Law Firm's advice also covers the choice of data room format, so that together we can ensure that you choose the data room format that best suits your company transfer.

Our advisory services cover, for example:

  • Choice of data room format
  • The setting-up of data rooms, including the collection of documents, indexing, guidance on request procedure and all the practical details
  • Running of data rooms, including compliance with data room procedure, obtaining of non-disclosure agreements, updating of data room material, technical support
  • Closure of data rooms, including the preparation of documents for such closure, for example data room procedure and non-disclosure agreements, monitoring of the effective closure of data rooms