Insurance Cases

Losses are always covered by insurance. Or are they? It is not always easy to know whether a loss is covered by your insurance.

When a loss occurs, it is relevant to find out whether it is covered by your insurance. Sometimes this can be a challenge, and obtaining evidence of the damage and documenting the loss you have suffered can also be hard.

We have extensive experience in handling insurance cases, both before the Insurance Complaints Board and before the courts.

Insurance companies often contest the eligibility of claims. For example, if safety regulations have been disregarded by the policyholder, or if the tortfeasor is simply not covered by the insurance. On other occasions, insurers may suspect that losses are simply fictitious (the policyholder has caused the loss to have the sum insured paid out), or the policyholder may have provided incorrect information when the insurance was taken out so that the insurance company is not bound by the insurance contract.

We assist with all aspects of the case – legal and practical – guaranteeing that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled. If you are in any doubt about the prospects of your case, we are happy to provide an advance assessment.


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