Damages in Commercial Relationships

Sometimes commercial relationships lead to disputes which develop into claims for damages.

Claims for damages may concern any number of issues but they are most often associated with breaches of contract, product liability, damage in transit etc.

We have many years of experience in conducting actions for damages in both general and specific areas of specialisation. This has provided us with unique knowledge of the procedural handling of such claims. Our in-depth knowledge also extends to assessing whether claims are statute-barred, whether counterclaims may be made, or whether a right of recourse exists.

The party making a claim for damages has the burden of proving that the tortfeasor has acted negligently, and that this negligence has resulted in a loss. If the claimant is to blame for the loss, the damages may be reduced, or no damages may be awarded. We know what is required to meet the burden of proof, and how to document claims.

In connection with claims for damages involving other practice areas, we bring in relevant colleagues to help with the processing of the case. This ensures that your case is handled by the right experts.


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