Family Law and Law of Succession – Wills and Marriage Contracts

In connection with a generational change, it is often a natural part of the process for the older generation to create a will or update an existing one. Such a new will must – in various ways – be closely synchronised with the other arrangements involved in the generational change.

We help our clients ensure that wills and other issues pertaining to family law and the law of succession are considered in connection with the planning of the generational change.

The making of a will is often relevant in connection with the gradual transfer of a company, as it is important to take account of a situation in which the older generation dies before the generational change has been completed. Also, where a generational change entails one child being treated more favourably than other children, testamentary considerations will be a natural part of the planning of the generational change.

We also have in-depth knowledge of the family law rules applying to matrimonial property. A generational change often involves various forms of separate property, and we will help you ensure that this is taken into consideration as part of the planning of the generational change.