Legal Separation and Divorce

Many marriages end in separation and/or divorce, with considerable implications for the parties involved – and not just of an emotional nature.

Separating and/or divorcing involves an inherent risk of conflict in relation to both legal and non-legal matters.

  • Who will carry on living in the home you rent or own?
  • What about legal and physical custody of the children, and what is the difference?
  • How will access to the children be organised?
  • Who is entitled to which assets acquired during the marriage, and before?
  • Who is liable for any debt?
  • How should it all be divided?
  • Is one of the spouses entitled to maintenance, and what about child maintenance?

It is important to seek advice as early as possible as constructive legal assistance from the outset will ensure that you do not end up making agreements which may complicate the final settlement.

We have many years of experience in advising on legal separation and divorce, and our mission is always to keep the level of conflict low as we find this helps establish the best possible agreement for the client.

Many questions and issues are all interlinked, and it is important to retain a complete overview in the process of negotiating the final property division agreement, which covers many of the above issues and often more.


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