Administration of Estates of Deceased Persons

After losing a next of kin, the surviving relatives face a large number of practical challenges which must be dealt with.

The practicalities surrounding a death can be overwhelming. Initially, there is the funeral, but then there is the administration of the property and assets of the deceased or any debts.

We have several specialists, including a licensed administrator, who are all ready to assist and answer the many questions that arise in connection with the administration of the estates of deceased persons.

In providing our services, we are, of course, acutely aware that we are dealing with clients who are grieving, and we help prevent disputes between the beneficiaries and resolve any disagreements that may arise so as to avoid legal proceedings and protracted conflicts.

Our services in connection with the administration of estates include:

  • Overview of assets
  • Choice of the correct form of administration
  • Release of the estate from the probate court for private administration
  • Sale or appropriation of assets
  • Preparation of opening balance sheet
  • Resolution of any disputes between beneficiaries
  • Preparation of an estate tax return
  • Calculation of inheritance tax
  • Preparation of an estate inventory

Susanne Jakobsen

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

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Malene Hannestad

Assistant Attorney

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