Public Procurement Law

Today there is a lot of focus on procurement rules, and it is essential to establish whether contracts are subject to the rules governing public calls for tenders. If this is the case, as the contracting entity you should ensure that a call for tenders is implemented correctly.

The public procurement rules are contained in directives, and Danish legislation lays down a framework of formal rules governing calls for tenders. There are many rules to observe when you submit a tender, and a procurement process should therefore be carefully organised and implemented with the help of a specialist in the area.

We advise on the organisation and implementation of public calls for tenders. For example on whether the procurement rules must be observed, and if so whether contracts must be tendered as EU calls or national calls. Based on our extensive experience, we advise both contracting parties and tenderers.

We advise tendering contractors in connection with the submission of tenders. We help quality-assure tenders submitted and ensure compliance with the formal requirements and conditions set out in the tender documents.

The Complaints Board for Public Procurement ensures compliance with public procurement rules, and the trend is that more complaints are being brought before either the Board or the courts.

We have extensive experience in conducting cases before the Complaints Board for Public Procurement and the courts concerning the unlawful award of contracts to the wrong tenderers or concerning non-compliance with the procurement rules.

We also advise on procurement law challenges in connection with company transfers and privatisations.