Competition Law

Companies need to be familiar with and comply with the comprehensive rules of competition law, which lay down restrictions both on how companies act on the market and on the agreements they make with their partners.

Large companies which enjoy a dominant position on a market are subject to special rules and strict requirements governing their conduct and restricting their freedom of action, for example with regard to their terms of business in relation to customers and partners.

Companies must generally exercise great caution when entering into agreements with competitors, as such agreements are subject to extremely careful scrutiny by the competition authorities. When entering into distribution agreements, including agency and dealership agreements, it is essential to know the guidelines issued by the competition authorities and, in the event of doubt, obtain pre-approval of such agreements from the competition authorities.

In many cases, a company may not even be aware of the special competition law rules applicable and thus the risk of incurring substantial fines.

We have extensive experience in competition law rules and offer result-oriented advice to our clients with a view to finding practical solutions which also comply with the applicable legislation. We are aware of all the details and know when the challenges are likely to arise and how to deal with them.

With our insight and experience, we can help companies devise the right commercial strategy, while avoiding breaching the competition law rules.

Our services include advice on:

  • Regulation of vertical and horizontal agreements
  • Regulation of dominant companies
  • Merger control rules
  • Possible exemptions via the competition authorities

Moreover, we offer to assist in dealings with the competition authorities in Denmark and the EU, including the conduct of criminal proceedings and actions for damages against the competition authorities.

We also provide advice in connection with civil law disputes concerning invalidity and damages, including the conduct of court and arbitration proceedings in connection with competitors' unlawful market conduct.