Solar Cells

Solar energy is a rapidly growing source of energy, with a particularly strong increase being seen in investments in solar cell projects abroad. However, challenges may arise which call for particular legal expertise, for example to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, in connection with the acquisition of project rights and guaranteed settlement prices.

The past decade has seen a rapid increase in solar power use. The European market has been driven by Germany, Spain and Italy, where attractive subsidy schemes have resulted in a significant increase in solar cell capacity.

Danish investors have also been attracted to solar cell projects outside Denmark. However, solar cell projects in foreign countries can entail certain challenges to do with ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, obtaining project rights and securing the expected settlement terms, all involving cooperation with local consultants. During the construction of the projects, the entire contract structure should address and minimise the risks involved and govern the timetable, scope of supply, interfaces between suppliers and delivery prices. Finally, the financing method chosen is essential to the overall investment calculation. For investors, the challenge is to identify relevant investment criteria in order to achieve the expected return. 

TVC Law Firm has advised on a large number of solar cell projects and therefore has an in-depth understanding of the challenges and needs of project developers, investors and the banks providing the financing in the current market. We have comprehensive knowledge of the market-conforming terms, including the terms governing project rights and central component supplies.

We advise operators at all levels in the solar energy sector, including suppliers, energy companies, banks, investors and, of course, buyers of small, private plants. We have, for example, undertaken due diligence investigations of some of the largest solar cell plants in Denmark. We also offer advice on settlement terms and transitional arrangements in a market which has been subject to continuous development.

With our legal expertise, combined with in-depth sector-specific knowledge, TVC Law Firm is a unique legal and commercial partner.


We have extensive experience in advising on investments in and the acquisition of foreign solar energy plants, which has provided us with considerable insight into the special risks inherent in this type of plant and technology. In connection with project investments, we identify and pinpoint investment risks and optimise the investment criteria from a legal point of view to guarantee the assumed return for investors. Through our involvement in many transactions as advisers, we have gained significant insight into the commercial terms for solar energy plants and the terms on which they can be acquired.

Our advisory services cover, for example:

  • Transfer and investment agreements for solar energy plants
  • Legal due diligence
  • Project financing of solar energy plants
  • EPC and service agreements
  • Insurance