The legal challenges in the energy sector are constantly changing. The regulation of renewable energy subsidies, general financial pressures and intensifying competition create a need for value-adding advice.

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Operators in the energy sector are currently facing a number of challenges attributable to financial pressures, to continuous changes to the national rules governing renewable energy subsidies and to fierce competition on virtually all levels. Doing business in such a scenario calls for due diligence and care combined with continuous innovation on the part of operators. The coming years are expected to see further consolidation in the energy sector. 

Through many years of experience, we have acquired extensive knowledge of the various parts of the energy sector, in particular renewable energy, and we have advised virtually all types of companies in Denmark and internationally. Our advice is always based on the needs and challenges facing our clients. 

Our advisers at TVC Law Firm have the expertise needed to provide value-adding legal advice which is characterised by business understanding and sector-specific knowledge, combined with a high level of specialist legal expertise.

We currently advise players at all levels of the energy sector, including suppliers, energy companies, banks, investors, consultants, project owners and project developers. Our legal advisers are thus some of the most experienced and competent in this field.

Several of our advisers also possess management-level, in-house experience from global companies in the energy sector, which has provided them with a unique understanding of the legal and operational challenges facing operators in Denmark and internationally.