Serving Sentences and Parole

The Prison and Probation Service is responsible for supervising the serving of custodial and suspended sentences. Some very complex rules exist under which convicted persons may improve the way in which they serve their sentence. However, ensuring the best possible serving of a prison sentence often requires the knowledge and advice of an attorney.

In connection with the serving of prison sentences, questions often arise concerning eligibility for day release, the place of imprisonment, contact with next of kin and parole. We advise on all these matters and can often help improve the time spent in prison, often also securing an earlier release.

Parole is generally granted after prisoners have served two thirds of their sentence. However, in some cases release is possible after only half of the sentence has been served. It is also possible for the last part of a sentence to be served in a refuge run by the Prison and Probation Service or with tagging. We offer optimum advice on these opportunities.

In some cases, the Prison and Probation Service refuses parole. We have successfully conducted a number of leading cases concerning parole for long-serving prisoners.