Right to Choose your own Defence Counsel

You choose your own defence counsel. As the suspect or accused in a criminal case, it is crucial to have a trusting defence counsel who is accessible and brings a high level of expertise to the task.

When you are suspected or accused of a crime, you choose your own defence counsel. Both the Danish Administration of Justice Act and the European Convention on Human Rights emphasise the right of defendants to choose their own defence counsel. A suspect or accused is also always entitled to change their defence counsel.

TVC Law Firm arranges all the practical matters in connection with a change of defence counsel. We inform the former defence counsel, the court and the police. We also ensure that we receive all the documents relating to the case within a few days. As soon as possible, we arrange a meeting with the client to determine the strategy in the case.

As our client, you can always contact your attorney. All cases are thoroughly prepared, and the authorities' investigations and case handling are checked and monitored carefully. You continue to have access to advice after the judgment has been delivered.