Economic Criminal Law

Economic criminal cases require extensive specialist knowledge and considerable resources. It is crucial to decide on the right strategy as early as possible in the process. Cases often require rapid deployment of resources which can match those of the police, SKAT and the Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime (SØIK).

Economic criminal cases cover tax fraud, VAT fraud, duty fraud and various other criminal offences such as misappropriation of funds and fraud against creditors. Cases relating to share price manipulation and insider trading are also handled by TVC Law Firm's department for economic crime.

A number of our attorneys specialise in economic crime. It is a practice area which requires extensive knowledge of, for example, tax law, company law, stock market law and similar fields of law. We have acted as defence counsel in some of the biggest lawsuits relating to economic crime in recent years, for example in the legal aftermath of the global financial crisis, where TVC Law Firm acted as defence counsel in cases concerning property speculation and cases against banks.

In the field of tax law, our criminal attorneys are also able to draw on the knowledge and experience from our civil tax law department. Read more about economic criminal cases.