Criminal Law

No one should be convicted of a criminal act they did not commit. The professional handling of criminal cases requires a high level of professional expertise, availability and a critical approach to police investigations.

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When the police start a criminal investigation into an individual or a company, there are many pitfalls to be aware of. Often swift and efficient action is needed. With a correctly prepared defence, we ensure that the suspect is not outwitted by the authorities.

TVC Law Firm has the largest and most highly regarded criminal litigation department in Denmark. No matter what the charge, we have attorneys with extensive experience of precisely your type of case. We always deliver a thorough defence and help with everything from road traffic cases and minor assault cases to some of the largest and most comprehensive criminal cases that have ever been conducted in Denmark.

As the suspect or accused in a criminal case, it is crucial to have a trusting defence counsel who is accessible and brings a high level of expertise to the task. As our client, you can always contact your attorney. All cases are thoroughly prepared, and the authorities' investigations and case handling are checked and monitored carefully. You continue to have access to advice after the judgment has been delivered.

Our high professional standards are maintained through internal training and through our structured sharing of knowledge from the very large number of cases which we have conducted. For many years, we have devoted considerable resources to building up a database of judgments and rulings which can contribute to ensuring the optimum outcome of cases. Via an internal code of conduct, we ensure that all attorneys are aware of the ethical challenges which are often associated with criminal litigation.

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