Construction Law and Real Property

The conclusion of contracts concerning, for example, the construction of new buildings, project development, commercial leases or the transfer of real property, requires an understanding of the contractual risks and the factoring of these risks.

Buildings under construction

Construction law and real property are fields of law which involve many stakeholders and conflicting interests.

It is important to obtain expert legal advice before a contract is finalized. Understanding the contractual risks is essential to being able to calculate these risks. Consequently, it is crucial to ensuring that commercial decisions are made on an adequately informed basis.

Based on many years of experience as advisers to contractors, developers and technical consultants, we have accumulated considerable specialist knowledge about and understanding of the building and construction industry and the property sector.

Our advisers are always ready to answer your questions about construction law and real property. Cases in these specialist areas often require fast and effective solutions to ensure compliance with agreed timetables and budgets. Based on our legal knowledge and extensive commercial understanding, we can help address your specific challenges with a close eye on the applicable rules and your situation.

We act as advisers to all types of stakeholders, including contractors, suppliers, private and public developers and consultants.

Construction law and real property are very extensive legal practice areas. We offer our services, for example, in the specific areas listed below.