Owners' Agreements

Regulation of owners' affairs and the commercial objectives of companies in owners' agreements.

Unless otherwise agreed, in public limited companies and private limited companies decisions are made by a simple majority. Also, there is no statutory right to have shares redeemed, and selling shares in a company with few owners can be difficult. The opposite applies in partnerships, which are based on a principle of agreement on all significant decisions, combined with an exit right for the partners. In a number of situations, this is not the most appropriate solution – either for the company or for the owners.

We ensure that clear, operational agreements are made between the owners as a framework for their joint ownership and the possible termination of their ownership.

Sometimes clients come to us in cases where there is not any owners’ agreement. In these situations, we help find a solution. In offering our services, we adhere to the highest principles of propriety in our dealings with all parties involved, while at the same time having the necessary eye for the legal and tactical strengths and weaknesses involved.