Investment in Companies and Capital Procurement

Growth often requires capital. The terms and conditions for investing in companies are crucial for investors, existing shareholders and the company itself.

For investors, it is important that investment agreements contain terms and conditions that allow investors to protect their investments if things do not progress as expected. For the existing group of shareholders, on the other hand, it is important to have a clear idea of what level of control they are willing to relinquish. For the company, it is important to ensure an optimum financing structure and the presence of sufficient capital resources.

We have extensive experience with investment cases and have frequently acted as advisers to the various parties involved in such cases. Thus, we can ensure that the necessary tools are in place for investors to be able to protect their investment.

As advisers to the owners, we ensure that control of the company is protected and preserved, unless clearly agreed otherwise.

As advisers to the company, we focus on ensuring stable and direct access to the capital required for management to be able to realise its growth plans without having to worry about the availability of capital resources.