Incorporation and Changes in Capital

Right from the time when the idea of founding a company is born, it is possible to make mistakes which go on to have significant consequences.

For example, previously agreements often included a right of assignment to companies not yet incorporated or to companies in the process of incorporation. Both of these constructions must be used with caution as they may give rise to problems under both company law and tax law.

At TVC Law Firm, we are well aware of this and offer professional assistance in all stages of the process. Based on our long-standing and extensive experience with all aspects of company law, we offer the highest level of assistance.

We advise, for example, on the timing of the incorporation, on capital structure, on the partial payment of the share capital and the correct handling of the memoranda and agreements to be made by the newly incorporated company.

The method of incorporation may also be of great importance as special rules apply to the conversion of existing companies.

During the life of a company, a wide range of questions will arise and require decisions to be made. Examples include the transfer of pre-emption rights, issues relating to the legal capacity of management or conversion to other forms of incorporation.

If the time has come for the company to be wound up, we advise on and handle the dissolution or winding-up of the company through a declaration of solvency.