Directorships in Companies

The composition of the board of directors of a company is of great importance to its future.

Having board members with legal skills can make a big difference in ensuring that the company management acts responsibly and does not risk incurring liability for damages.

A number of companies have chosen to appoint attorneys from TVC Law Firm to their boards. As board members, we focus on creating value for the company rather than being just for show. 

On the input side, this means that we start with a dialogue on the company's needs and how we can help. As board members, we consider it our duty to understand the company's business, strengths and weaknesses. Based on our legal and commercial experience we offer input which may help to strengthen the company's standing, and we suggest issues that should be discussed as well as acting as a sounding board for the executive management.

We are known for speaking our mind, regardless of our own personal or business interests. This also means that we recognise that directorships are temporary. When we feel that we can no longer add sufficient value to the company, we are aware of the importance of ensuring that new resources are invited on board.