Advice to Management

Advice to management on all aspects of company law, including the division of powers between members of executive boards, boards of directors and general meetings as well as on the content and limitations applying to the management's power to bind the company.

Company managers encounter many issues relating to company law in their day-to-day dealings. Questions may arise as to whether and when executive officers have the power to bind the company, which information may be disclosed to the owners, the pledging of shares in the company and much, much more.

We are used to acting as a sounding board for management on all legal and company law matters. Based on our extensive experience, we can often answer questions effectively over the phone as they arise. In other cases, more in-depth investigations are required. In such cases, our high degree of specialisation and experience ensure that we can quickly and effectively provide management with the best possible advice.

As advisers to management, we serve as the close partner and extended arm of management. We ensure that the decisions and actions of management are legally sustainable.