The Law Firm Tommy V. Christiansen becomes TVC Law Firm

The change of name marks the culmination of a long transformation from a law firm originally specialising in tax law and criminal law into TVC Law Firm, a law firm offering consulting to businesses and private individuals within all practice areas.

10/10/2016 |

Since its formation in 1988, TVC Law Firm has grown from a small law office founded by an entrepreneurial tax attorney assisted by one secretary into a firm with 143 employees assisting and advising clients within all fields of commercial law. Today, TVC Law Firm advises on all manner of business opportunities and challenges companies may face, while the corporate structure is based on a broad and dynamic partner group.

We help you find constructive solutions and safely navigate any troubled legal waters. Our attorneys are highly specialised and are always updated on developments within their particular practice areas. Acting as your sounding board, they are ready to advise on any specific challenges you may be facing.

Going forward, we will keep you updated on new initiatives and news within our practice areas, commenting also on new legislation as well as recommendations concerning specific issues of topical interest.