About TVC Law Firm

TVC Law Firm is known for its high-level legal expertise and strong collaborative culture. Taking a both strongly ethical and flexible approach, we help individuals and executives in the public and private sectors find constructive solutions and safely navigate any troubled legal waters.

TVC Law Firm assists Danish and international companies and private individuals with knowledge and experience in all legal practice areas. We have, among other things, one of the leading tax departments in Denmark, which at any one time handles more than 1,200 cases concerning both direct and indirect taxes in the administrative appeals system and before the courts.

Our advisory services are always tailored to the specific needs of individual clients. When advising our corporate clients, we always have a keen eye for their business, and the commercial opportunities and challenges they may be facing. We adhere to high ethical standards and conduct ourselves with decency in everything we do.

Our attorneys are highly specialised and stay abreast at all times of developments within their particular practice areas. Acting as your sounding board, they are ready to advise on any specific challenges you may be facing.

Through our extensive teaching and course activities, we make our in-depth legal expertise available at university lectures, supplementary education for accountants and specialist courses for experience exchange groups. We also make significant contributions to legal theory within a number of practice areas.

TVC Law Firm has offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Roskilde. We are more than 110 employees, including more than 50 attorneys.

TVC Law Firm is registered under CVR no. 34227004. The department in Roskilde is an independent legal entity which is registered as TVC Advokatfirma Roskilde P/S under CVR no. 34621101. In a number of contexts we continue to use our secondary name Advokatfirmaet Tommy V. Christiansen®.

Our offices

Aarhus lokation TVC Advokatfirma

Søren Frichs Vej 42A
8230 Åbyhøj

CVR NO. 34 22 70 04

Fax +45 70 11 08 01

Havneholmen lokation TVC Advokatfirma

Havneholmen 25, 9.
1561 Copenhagen V

CVR NO. 34 22 70 04

FAX +45 70 11 08 01

Lokation H.C. Andersens Boulevard, TVC Advokatfirma

Copenhagen (Defence Attorneys)
H C. Andersens Boulevard 37, 4.
1553 Copenhagen V

CVR NO. 34 22 70 04

FAX +45 33 18 61 61

Roskilde lokation, TVC Advokatfirma

Københavnsvej 69, 1.
4000 Roskilde

CVR NO. 34 62 11 01

Fax +45 46 40 44 08