Our Vision and Values

Our ambitious vision: To be Denmark's most highly valued law firm. We seek to realise our vision through our strong dedication to our core values for good cooperation.

We seek to realise our vision by creating loyal and trusting relations and by assuming responsibility for the legal affairs of our clients, thereby allowing them to focus their energy on, for example, their core business. Our cooperation is therefore based on 5 values designed to help us create real value for our clients:

We take pride in being available to our clients – whenever they need us. We meet our clients with an honest and open mind, speaking a language which everybody can understand and ensure continuity in our cooperation, so that clients do not have to deal with many different advisers.

Strong Specialisation
We have a strong focus on strengthening our fields of specialisation and on keeping abreast of developments within our practice areas. We therefore take great pride in the fact that all our attorneys work exclusively within their particular fields of specialisation, acting as competent sounding boards for our clients.

We adhere to high ethical standards and conduct ourselves with decency in everything we do. Our history as a law firm specialising in tax law means that we have a keen understanding of the possible legal pitfalls and potential consequences of a given case – in both the near and long term.

We understand the ins and outs of running a business and know that we must offer real solutions to real needs to protect the interests of our clients in the best possible way. Our services are therefore carefully tailored to our clients' specific needs and circumstances and the particular legal challenges they are facing.

Professional Generosity
We are acutely aware that the value of our knowledge depends on it being used and shared – with our clients, stakeholders, colleagues and future attorneys. We are therefore keen to share knowledge with our clients, among colleagues and through our teaching activities.