Our history

Since its formation in 1988, TVC Law Firm has grown from a small law office owned and run by one tax attorney assisted by one secretary into a firm with more than 90 employees assisting and advising clients within all fields of law.

The law firm, now named TVC Law Firm, was originally founded in 1989 with the vision of offering advisory services to consultants, more specifically advising accountants on tax law.

Keywords were in-depth legal expertise and ethical conduct in all matters, combined with a well-defined business concept which meant that individual attorneys specialise exclusively within one practice area as a way of ensuring that the highest possible professional standards can be adhered to in all dealings with clients.

The concept became a catalyst of strong growth, the taking-on of more staff and the opening of new offices around Denmark. From the very start, it has been important for us to grow organically, rather than through mergers with other offices, thus safeguarding and further developing the strong values on which TVC Law Firm is based.

Thus, a high level of specialisation and a strong code of ethics remain key to our business philosophy. However, today our advisory services cover all manner of business opportunities and legal challenges companies may encounter. At the heart of our company structure is now a broad and dynamic partner group.

In 2016, we changed our name to TVC Law Firm to mark the transition from the original specialisation in tax law to offering advisory services to private individuals as well as companies within all legal fields, still including tax law. 

With offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen as well as a partnership firm in Roskilde, TVC Law Firm currently has a staff of more than 90 employees, including more than 40 attorneys.